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About Us......

 Amanda is a graduate of Bloomsburg University with an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education/Special Education. Lisa has a degree in Early Childhood Education. We are members of NAEYC (National Association of the Education of Young Children), and participate in numerous trainings through the year to learn new and innovative ways to improve and develop interest in learning, and provide the best possible care for your little one. We have all clearances on file for review, are certified as a Group Child Care Home with PA Department of Human Services, and are a part of the Keystone Stars Star Level Two

Learning Made Fun!

Our learning offers a variety of books and materials highlighting math; literacy and phonemic awareness elements such as letters, letter sounds, and rhyming words; science; social studies; music; art and cooking. Learning through play is the basis of our philosophy -- dramatic play set up around the theme, or simply friends playing together, sharing and communicating. We believe wholeheartedly in Vygotsky's theory of children learning through social situations and play. Discussions are initiated every day, based on the children's curiosity, teaching language skills and teachings about everyday life and the wonderful world we live in. Books are used constantly: to look up information in non-fiction books and stories of every type divided and used for each of our exciting curriculum themes. Character development is talked about and worked on -- how to be kind, to control one's own emotions, tell the truth, be thankful, and talk and work together as a team. An I Pad is used, with apps, in a group to support what we are teaching, and to introduce children to technology. With such a small group size in our facility, we are able to devote much time and attention to each individual child to ensure growth in self worth and development and prepare the child to move to Kindergarten. We know and value each and every child that comes to us for care. We usually have children come in as infants and stay until Kindergarten!

Infants and toddlers participate and play beside the older children where they are exposed to learning and language.

We have many supplemental activities throughout the year that we bring into our facility to enrich our learning and hands on experiences, including animal care, science and family events so families can get to know each other in our small group.

We participate in the Federal Food Program which encourages healthy eating from a variety of food groups.

We observe each child in care, and do parent/teacher conferences once a year and developmental milestone checklists every six months. We accept and fully support any child with an IEP or IFSP, and work with therapists to provide the best learning experience possible for each child. As noted below, Amanda has a Special Education degree to fully support and understand a child's learning process.

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